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A tranquil rural landscape featuring a small stream bordered by lush green grass, with a wide field in the background and distant hills under a cloudy sky.

Your Guide to Agricultural Resources in the Yampa Valley

CAA works to provide connections and share resources for visitors, locals and anyone interested in learning more about agriculture in the Yampa Valley.

Visitor Information

Know Before You Go: Care for Rural Routt County

Planning a visit to rural Routt County? Make sure to understand how to be a responsible and respectful visitor.

Three cows, one brown and two black, standing on a rural road with sandy hills and sparse vegetation in the background under a clear blue sky.

Yield to Livestock

Cows, sheep, and horses all have the right of way. Whether you are on foot, bike, or in a vehicle; yield to grazing animals, and keep your pets leashed.

A line of brown cattle walking through a lush green forest filled with tall, white-barked aspen trees under a clear blue sky.

Colorado Fence Out Laws & Open Grazing

You may see livestock on trails, roads, and in the forest. Keep your distance, approach slowly, and give them the opportunity to move to the side. Be patient and enjoy a different kind of rush hour.

A farmer on a blue tractor is tossing hay into a feeder as cows graze nearby in a lush green field framed by hills.

Be Aware of Farm & Ranch Equipment

Remember that tractors do not stop or maneuver like cars. Give them lots of time, space, and patience!

A weathered "private property - no trespassing" sign affixed to a wooden post, surrounded by wild shrubs and a blurred green background.

Private Property

Do not trespass, and remember that being on the river does not give you the right to access the land. Always ask permission first and adhere to the land owner directions.

A metal gate blocking a gravel road, surrounded by wooden fences, with a lush green landscape and distant mountains under a cloudy sky.

Mind Livestock Gates

Leave them as you find them; if it’s open – leave it open, and if it’s closed – leave it closed.

A group of people watching horses in a fenced field with lush green landscape and distant hills.

Respect, Integrity, Stewardship

Don’t just be a visitor, act like a local!

A man in a white hat stands with a drink, talking to two other people in a sunny field with large agricultural machinery in the background.

Educational Content

CAA Newspaper Column

Engage with a variety of perspectives on agriculture through our weekly column in the Steamboat Pilot/Today newspaper, contributed by various community organizations.

Yampa Valley Ag Journal

This producer specific journal compiles relevant agriculture information from the entire region, offering educational information, training opportunities and news. Subscribe for this electronic transmission here.

Recreation and Agriculture

Learn about the coexistence of mountain biking and agriculture in Routt County. Watch our short video and review the fact sheet produced by CSU Extension for insightful guidelines on sharing the landscape responsibly.

Discover how agriculture changes through the four seasons and what you might encounter on Routt County roads from a local agricultural perspective.