Water Education and Advocacy

Understanding Our Lifeline: Water in Agriculture

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Why Water Matters

In 2024, CAA is directly supporting ag producers with water project including funding applications and fiscal management.

At CAA, we recognize the critical importance of water to all facets of life and are dedicated to supporting and providing leadership on water-related issues in agriculture. Our goal is to ensure that agricultural water needs are represented and advocated for within a balanced river system. 

Active Engagement and Representation

Advocacy and Leadership

CAA actively participates in water management meetings, representing agricultural interests and advocating for water rights that sustain a healthy and balanced river ecosystem.


Audience attending a presentation in a community hall, featuring rows of chairs with attendees focusing on a speaker and a projection screen at the front.
A group of people listening to a speaker at a lakeside event under clear skies, with a shelter and greenery in the background.

Yampa White Green Basin Roundtable

Collaborative Water Education and Outreach

Since 2014, CAA has supported the Yampa White Green (YWG) Basin Roundtable in partnership with the Colorado Water Conservation Board. Our efforts focus on enhancing water education and increasing awareness of water issues at local, regional, state, and federal levels in Routt, Moffat, and Rio Blanco counties. Over 4,500 individuals have engaged with our educational meetings and events, reflecting our commitment to:

  • Promote water education and awareness.
  • Encourage community-driven collaborative solutions.
  • Facilitate solution-based discussions on regional water challenges.
  • Offer professional and educational activities to enhance understanding of water management.
  • Disseminate information about regional water projects, studies, and related issues.
  • Engage with local water interest groups to foster constructive discussions and actions.

Yampa Integrated Water Management Plan (IWMP)

Connecting Agriculture with Water Planning

CAA has played a key role in the Yampa Integrated Water Management Plan by providing in-kind support and leadership. Our focus is on identifying and supporting multi-benefit water planning projects within the Yampa River basin that help integrate agricultural needs with broader environmental and community objectives.

Three men, two wearing hats, stand near a water control gate in a lush, green environment. one adjusts the gate mechanism, while the others observe.
A bright red floodgate partially submerged in a river, surrounded by lush green vegetation, with sunlight filtering through the leaves in the foreground.

Supporting Agriculture Water Projects

Project Coordination and Support

Following insights from the Yampa IWMP, CAA has utilized grant funding to coordinate agriculture water projects that benefit the overall river system. Our initiatives include:

  • Development and upgrading of water diversion structures and headgates.
  • Collaboration with local partners to enhance irrigation efficiency.
  • Assistance in planning and designing irrigation systems.
  • Identifying potential funding sources for agricultural water projects.

Meet Our Water Coordinators

Contact Our Experts

For more information or to get involved in water-related projects, please contact:

Funded by the Yampa River Fund, our water coordinators are here to assist with your agricultural water needs and ensure sustainable management of our water resources.