Land Stewardship Program

Embrace Responsible Land Management

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Introduction to Land Stewardship

In partnership with CSU Routt County Extension, the Community Agriculture Alliance offers a comprehensive short course on land stewardship tailored for Routt County. This program is designed for anyone eager to learn about local agriculture and the essentials of land management, emphasizing sustainable practices and responsible stewardship of natural resources.


Course Overview

A Focus on Local Relevance

This unique class delves deep into land, water, and natural resource stewardship with a specific focus on Routt County’s environmental and agricultural challenges. The curriculum is derived from the “Living on the Land-Stewardship for Small Acreage” courses developed by the University of Nevada Cooperative Extension and enhanced with contributions from western states Cooperative Extension services.

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Learning Format

Interactive and Engaging Educational Experience

Participants will enjoy a dynamic mix of classroom lectures, discussions, and on-site tours or visits. The course is particularly beneficial for new landowners or community members who wish to gain a deeper understanding of the region’s ecological and agricultural dynamics.

What You Will Learn

Comprehensive Curriculum


  • Basics of Land Stewardship: Understand foundational concepts of land management and conservation.
  • Grazing and Ranching Practices: Explore sustainable livestock management techniques.
  • Water Rights and Irrigation: Learn about local water laws and effective irrigation practices.
  • Wildfire Preparation and Mitigation: Gain critical skills in fire safety and land protection.
  • Colorado Fence Laws: Discover legal requirements and best practices for fencing.
  • Routt County Planning and Zoning: Understand local regulations that impact land use.
  • Noxious Weeds: Identify and manage invasive plant species.
  • Being a Good Neighbor: Learn practices that contribute to a harmonious rural community.
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Professional Development

Continuing Education Credits

This two-day course offers up to seven Continuing Education Credits for Real Estate professionals, providing valuable knowledge that can enhance their service to clients in rural settings.

Registration and Contact

Join Our Next Session

Stay tuned for updates on our 2024 course schedule. Registration details will be available on the CAA website. For further inquiries or immediate questions, please contact CAA at 970-879-4370.



Hear From Our Participants

  • “Overall a great opportunity for us to learn.”
  • “I learned so much that will help me be a better land owner and neighbor. Thank you.”
  • “Fabulously informative”
  • “Great class. Topics and speakers were excellent.”