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Launched in 2019, CAA is proud of this new and innovative program, focused on providing financial support for local agriculture with business microloans in NW Colorado.  The program was funded by an initial generous donor with a $10,000 gift to begin the revolving loan fund and all donors are invited to contribute to this impactful program.
A Committee of CAA Board members will accept and review applications with a goal of providing short term, micro loans for local agriculture.  Loan terms and amounts will be based on specific project details.  Basic information and eligibility specifics below:

  • Must be existing agriculture business or operation, with a special interest in food production
  • Must be 18 years old, or have adult co-signer
  • Must adhere to CAA Anti-Discrimination Policy and be current CAA member
  • Loan exclude general operating, land purchase or lease; applications should focus on specific need or project
  • Loans are small (under $10,000) and short term (3 months to 2 years) with interest rate of 2.9%
  • Repayment of loans will go back into CAA Microloan fund

If you have a loan need, please contact Michele Meyer at 970-879-4370. 

Some project ideas to consider:

  • Solar pump for livestock watering
  • Seed cover crops for rangeland or erosion control
  • Planting trees for water control, wind and/or animal habitat
  • New or upgraded gate on existing head gate for improved water control
  • Fencing or electric fence for cross fencing
  • new spray nozzles or boom for better application and reduced drift

If you are interested in learning more about this program, contact us.  And if you would like to make an investment in local agriculture, this program is a unique way to directly impact local producers.  You can donate using the Donate button on the homepage and simply note that you would like the contribution to go to the CAA Microloan Fund.  Thank you!

About the program…

CAA Microloan Fund launched fall 2019, with the goal of providing direct economic support to local ag producers with low interest micro loans; *Note: all loan funds are from private donations, no CAA operating funds are used for this program. CAA Board awarded two new loans in 2022 to local agriculture producers for business expansion. 100% of loans have successfully been repaid on time and in full.