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I want to buy local food. Do I need to sign up for the CAA Market. How do I do this?

Go to caamarket.org and click on the green “Join Now” button. You can register as a new member and then begin shopping for local products! After your first order, we would ask you to consider supporting our efforts with a membership contribution. There are several options listed on the site.

How can I support local agriculture?

Donations to the CAA help support local agriculture. There are many different programs and events that you can support through your donation. Go to our Membership page to learn more. Volunteering is another great way to support local agriculture.

I am thinking about starting my own food business. Where can I find more information?

We have information about local food on our Local Food & Products page. Routt County CSU Extension is also a great resource.

Is a donation the same thing as a membership?

A donation and a membership are the same thing. By contributing $50 or more you are an integral part of the CAA, so we like to consider you a member. You will receive updates about Yampa Valley Ag and are invited to participate in any of our programs.