CAA periodically showcases food grown in the Yampa Valley by coordinating Farm-to-Table Dinners. These dinners are a fundraiser for CAA. Producers donate products so that 100% of ticket sales go towards CAA and event staff support. These dinners are widely attended and have become a staple to our event offerings over the past years. They are a unique opportunity to bring the community together through food, with producers and consumers sharing a dining experience side-by-side. We have dinners in the field, out a producer’s farm or ranch, and dinners at supporting restaurants.

If you would like to host your own private Farm-to-Table dinner, please contact us. We work with a network of private chefs who value local food to bring the harvest to your table. A private Farm-to-Table dinner allows you to connect with guests of your choice and showcase local agriculture on an intimate level.

2022 EVENTS:

  • Yampa Valley Kitchen featuring Chef Hannah Hopkins
  • Elkhead Creek Ranch featuring Chefs Chereen Leong-Schwarz and Sam Maspero
  • Yampa Valley Kitchen featuring Chef Joseph Campbell

About the events…

Farm to Table Events in 2022 include a new partnership with Yampa Valley Kitchen owner Hannah Hopkins hosting three dinners at the restaurant featuring elevated local food. CAA also coordinated a dinner at Elkhead Creek Ranch featuring their local wagyu beef. Over 200 guests have attended the dinners and heard presentations from local farmers and ranchers who raised or grew the ingredients for the meals.