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CAA Farm & Ranch Tours are offered seasonally as a way for people to connect to their food. We walk the fields, see livestock and crops in production, and get to soak in the experience of being on working lands. Our tour guides are the producers themselves, offering their knowledge and expertise to you. This facilitates a connection to your food, and allows you to appreciate all of the hard work and dedication it takes to succeed in agriculture.

Interested in taking a group on a private ranch or farm tour?
Give us a call at 970.879.4370 and we can help arrange a tour for your group.
Pricing and availability vary.

2022 EVENTS:

  • Whispering Willows Ranch
  • Kanyini Farm
  • Mystic Hills Farmstead

About the events…

Ranch Tour and Farm Tours in 2022 includes coordination of five tours with over 120 guests sharing a hands on, learning experience at area farms and ranches.