Farm-to-Table Events

Experience the Authentic Taste of the Yampa Valley

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Celebrating Local Food and Community

CAA is proud to host Farm-to-Table events, where the joy of eating is combined with our mission to promote local agriculture. These events are not just meals; they are a celebration of local food, featuring stories directly from the farmers and ranchers who nurture and harvest the food you enjoy. Each event offers a unique opportunity to forge meaningful connections with the origins of your meal.

Farm-to-Table Events

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Our Events

Dine With a Purpose

At our Farm-to-Table events, we bring the community together through shared dining experiences that are both meaningful and educational. Whether it’s a dinner held in the fields of a local farm or ranch, or at a supporting local restaurant, these events allow consumers and producers to sit side by side, sharing stories and dishes.

  • Dinners in the Field: Enjoy a meal right where your food is grown. These dinners are hosted on the farms and ranches of our local producers, providing an immersive experience that connects you with the land.
  • Restaurant Dinners: We collaborate with local restaurants that champion the cause of local food, hosting dinners that showcase the best of seasonal and local produce.


A group of people serving themselves food from a buffet line set up outdoors near a grassy hillside.
Two people holding plates of food, featuring steak and vegetables, with a barbecue grill in the foreground where more food is being cooked.

Host Your Own Event

Private Farm-to-Table Dinners

If you’re interested in hosting a private Farm-to-Table dinner, CAA can help make it happen. We collaborate with a network of private chefs who specialize in local cuisine to bring the harvest right to your table. Hosting a private event allows you to:

  • Choose Your Guests: Create an intimate dining experience with people you care about.
  • Highlight Local Agriculture: Showcase the richness of the Yampa Valley’s agricultural produce in a personal setting.

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