Farm & Ranch Tours

Discover the Roots of Yampa Valley Agriculture

A group of people watching a demonstration in a barn-like setting with a dirt floor, surrounded by metal railings. the interior is well-lit with natural light streaming in from large windows.

Explore, Learn, Connect

Join us on a Farm & Ranch Tour to experience firsthand the dedication and passion that define agriculture in the Yampa Valley. Our tours are led by the ag producers themselves, giving you a unique opportunity to gain insights from their vast knowledge and experience. This is more than just a tour; it’s an educational journey into the heart of local agriculture.

Farm & Ranch Tours

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What You Will Experience

A Hands-On Learning Adventure

Each tour is crafted to show the diversity of agricultural operations in the Yampa Valley, covering different topics and offering new learning opportunities each time. You’ll connect directly with the land, animals, and natural resources, and understand the environmental aspects of farming and ranching. Here’s what makes our tours special:

  • Direct Interaction with Ag Producers: Learn about agriculture from the people who live it every day. Their stories and expertise will enrich your understanding of farming and ranching.
  • Diverse Agricultural Focus: Each tour varies, focusing on different aspects of agriculture—from livestock and crop production to sustainable practices and conservation efforts.
  • Appreciation of Hard Work: Witness the effort and dedication required to maintain a successful agricultural enterprise. Our tours provide a deep appreciation for the food on your table and the land it comes from.
Two women wearing hats and smiling, each holding a baby goat, stand in a farmyard with a muddy field and trees in the background.
A group of children of diverse ethnicities interact with a sheep through a fence in a sunny, rural field, with a pickup truck and mountains in the background.

Private Tours Available

Tailored Experiences for Groups

Interested in organizing a private tour for your family, friends, or organization? We offer customized Farm & Ranch Tours that cater to the specific interests of your group. Whether it’s a deep dive into organic farming or a day spent with ranch animals, we can arrange a memorable and educational experience for you.

  • Contact Us: To arrange a private tour, call us at 970-879-4370.
  • Flexible Scheduling: We work with you to find a time that suits your group.
  • Variable Pricing: Costs depend on the tour length and group size. Please inquire for details.