Ag Appreciation Week

Where would you be without Agriculture? Naked and Hungry.

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Celebrating the Heart of Our Community: Agriculture

Since 1999, Community Ag Alliance has championed local agriculture in the Yampa Valley. Ag Appreciation Week, our largest fundraiser, aligns with National Ag Day and is a vital opportunity to garner support from local businesses and organizations. As our community evolves, maintaining a resilient agricultural presence remains essential to preserving the picturesque landscapes of the Yampa Valley. Join us in honoring the fundamental role of agriculture—because without it, we’d all be naked and hungry!

Ag Week Events

March 2025
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About the Event

A Decade of Celebrations

For over a decade, the Community Agriculture Alliance has orchestrated activities and programs during Ag Appreciation Week to spotlight local agriculture. Our goal is to foster connections between agriculture and various community sectors, promoting a unified support for our farming and ranching heritage. The CAA Market program stands as a testament to our commitment to educate and promote local food.

Close-up of brochures titled "naked & hungry" on a wooden table, with two glasses of beer in the background and a pair of sunglasses on the side.
A band with six members performs on stage; three guitarists, a bassist, a violinist, and a banjo player, all engaging with the audience under stage lighting.

Ways to Get Involved

Engage, Support, Celebrate

  • Be an Ag Week Sponsor! Explore sponsorship opportunities to showcase your business’s commitment to sustainable agriculture. See sponsorship options.
  • Attend an Event! Participate in our week-long festivities, with diverse events scheduled every day to suit all interests. (Event calendar above.)
  • Dine Locally! Support our restaurant partners who will feature special local food menus throughout the week. Rex’s Family of Restaurants, among others, will offer specials across their 5 locations.
  • Become a CAA Member! Join our community of supporters. Membership comes with perks that enhance your connection to local agriculture. Learn about membership benefits.
  • Shop at Yampa Valley Foods! This week presents a perfect opportunity to connect directly with local producers and purchase their goods. Find out more about Yampa Valley Foods.

Thank Our Sponsors

Gratitude to Our 2024 Ag Week Sponsors

We are deeply thankful for the generous support of our sponsors whose commitment makes Ag Appreciation Week possible. Their involvement is crucial to our mission and the success of this event.

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