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  • An acre of trees can remove about 13 tons of dust and gases every year from the surrounding environment
  • Agriculture land provides food and habitat for 75% of the nation’s wildlife
  • Deer, moose, fowl and other species have shown population increases in the past several year Source: Ag Day website
  • Number of Routt County farms  – less than 180 acres in 1954 – 127 and in 2007 –  33
  • Number of Routt County farms – more than 180 acres in 1954 –  426  and in 2007 –  225 Source:  USDA 2007 census of agriculture 
  • More than 2 million acres have been protected in Colorado by easements
  • These lands will remain as open space forever, a treasured natural and environmental heritage for all to enjoy
  • Beef is lower in calories and higher in nutrients than other protein options. The protein in lean beef helps fuel physical activity and weight management. It also helps you feel more satisfied when reducing your calories Source: Colorado Beef Council
  • Hamburger meat from a single steer will make about 720 quarter pound hamburger patties.
  • That’s enough for a family of 4 to enjoy hamburgers each day for nearly six months. Source:  Ag Day website     
  • Wheat was first planted in the United States in 1777 as a hobby crop.
  • Wheat is the primary grain used in US grain products — approximately three-quarters of all U.S. grain products are made from wheat flour.
  • Wheat is grown in 42 states in the United States.
  • One bushel of wheat yields approximately 42 pounds of white flour OR 60 pounds of whole-wheat flour.
  • Per capita consumption of pasta in the United States was 19.52 lbs in 2005
  • Colorado is a major winter wheat producing state, ranking sixth in 2007, eleventh in 2008, second in 2009, and fifth in 2010.                   Source: Colorado Wheat Growers
  • A hive of bees flies over 55,000 miles to bring you one pound of honey. A honey bee can fly 15 miles per hour.
  • Honey bees must tap two million flowers to make one pound of honey. Each worker honey bee makes 1/12th teaspoon of honey in its lifetime.
    Source: Ag Day website
  • Potatoes are number four on the list of important crops, with only corn, wheat, and rice beating them out for importance.
  • After dairy products, potatoes are the second most consumed food in all of the United States
  • The average American eats just under 140 pounds of potatoes every year. Source: www.potatofacts.org    ​


  • The first herd of year-round cattle were brought into the area in 1871
  • By 1913 more cattle were shipped from the Steamboat Springs railroad than any other single point in the US
  • The average growing season in Steamboat Springs is 59 days
  • In 1890 a large flour mill was built in Steamboat Springs, providing a local outlet for wheat flour and “Joe Dandy” wheat cereal that provided breakfast for many generation of Routt County children
  • Routt County Strawberry Company, formed in 1910, shipped their sweet/juicy strawberries to Denver in 1911 with some berries too big to fit into water glasses
  • By 1926 thousands of sacks of potatoes were shipped from Steamboat Springs
  • The Yampa Valley Head Lettuce Association, formed in 1923, sent over 700 rail car loads of lettuce annually to California alone
  • By the mid 1940’s, labor and transportation became issues that forced the demise of the commercial vegetable and fruit crops