To ensure agriculture thrives as a vibrant core of our Valley.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to preserve agriculture in the Yampa Valley by initiating and supporting programs and policies that benefit and connect producers, consumers, and the community.
Our vision is that the Yampa Valley agricultural community is resilient, active, and vital for generations to come.


  • A commitment to agriculture is the core of our existence
  • The credibility of our organization is paramount
  • We treasure our heritage while adapting to the future
  • We honor diverse perspectives
  • Together we achieve more

What We Do & How We Do It

We provide leadership, education, and programs that promote agriculture and connect the shared interests of our Valley by:

  • Enhancing and promoting local agriculture: food, fiber, products, and services
  • Providing resources, advocacy, and support for local agriculture
  • Fostering meaningful connections between agriculture and our community

Ensuring the vitality and continuity of agriculture in the Yampa Valley is our primary focus.
Through actions and programs we lead Community to grow Agriculture and to create Alliance among individuals with shared passions and goals.


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The Community Agriculture Alliance (CAA) is a Colorado incorporated, non-profit community organization serving Routt County and the Yampa River Valley. The CAA was established in 1999 to ensure that the agricultural community can adapt to changes in the local and regional economy and still be active and vital in the Yampa River Valley for generations to come.

The Yampa Valley is truly a unique place. We have a rich history of cattle and sheep ranching, dating from the 1870s, with many of the ranches still in continuing family ownership. We have a deep economic base of coal mining with a heritage of gold and silver mining. We are located in the heart of the Colorado Rockies and are blessed with abundant scenery and wildlife that provides a strong recreational economy. We are also home to the Steamboat Ski and Resort Corporation, an internationally acclaimed ski and snowboard area, which provides a strong resort and service economy. All segments of the area are dependent upon each other for economic survival because of soaring land prices, continual residential and commercial growth and the desire to maintain the rural way of life. The challenge is to intermingle all of the players in northwest Colorado to assure that the amenities that we so love will exist for generations to come.


2023 Board of Directors

Mikinzie Taylor, Co-Chair
Colby Townsend, Co-Chair
Megan Knott, Secretary
Joella West, Interim Treasurer
Greg Brown
CJ Mucklow
Kent Sandstedt
Claire Sollars
Eric Wellman
Conni Robertson


2023 Advisory Committee

Carol Atha
Kyle Bond
Tiffany Carlson
Cedric Damby
Kristi Doran
Todd Hagenbuch
Chereen Leong Schwarz
Sonja Macys
Clinton Whitten
Elizabeth Wood

Michele Meyer


Michele has worked at CAA since 2010 and assumed the Executive Director role in 2018. She brings over 20 years of professional fund raising and marketing experience to the CAA. Michele previously worked for United Way, Hospice of Larimer County and has her own business as a personal trainer/yoga instructor, she is also a part time ski instructor  With a diverse background, Michele comments, “I am honored to be a part of the Community Agriculture Alliance. I truly believe in the organizations’ mission of preserving, promoting and supporting agriculture.  One of the main reasons I moved here, and I think a very common one, is the scenic working landscapes and heritage of agriculture.  The natural beauty of the area and the scenic views that rural agriculture provide are critical to keeping the Yampa Valley so unique and special.  I truly believe the mission of CAA is critical to the fabric of our community.”
Contact Michele at michele@communityagalliance.org

head shot of woman in red sweater

Patrick Stanko


Patrick is a fourth-generation rancher on a local Yampa Valley ranch that has been in the family for more than 100 years. After a 20-year hiatus from the Valley, while gaining his Engineering degree and working in the business world, Patrick moved back to the ranch in 2013. Starting work for the CAA in 2018 Patrick is dedicated to the work of promoting agriculture in the Yampa Valley. As the Agriculture Resource Coordinator, Patrick will continue the water education programs and outreach for agriculture in the Yampa Valley.
Contact Patrick at patrick@communityagalliance.org


Meredith Rose


Meredith’s journey into local food began as a young adult. In college, she took a course that sparked her interest in agriculture. This interest became a hobby when she moved to the Yampa Valley in 2014 and started volunteering for the Community Ag Alliance. She then became a staff member and helped grow the CAA Market program and perform admin duties. Her hobby of local food grew into a passion and is now the north-star in her career path. Presently, she is an officer of Rocky Mountain Farmers Union’s Northwest Colorado Chapter and a Regional Food Coordinator for Hunger Free Colorado. She enjoys connecting with local food any chance she gets and sharing the farmer’s story. She is the owner of Rose West, an ag marketing and resource business, that launched this year. Away from the CAA, you can find her cross-country skiing or hiking with her dog, Tilly, or enjoying a beer at Storm Peak Brewing Co.
Contact Meredith at meredith@communityagalliance.org


Katie Stanhope


Growing up in Steamboat, she developed a strong sense of loyalty and pride for this community; the people, the culture, and the history are so special to me. Her passion for the food system and agriculture as a whole has grown and grown after years of selling local produce at farmer’s markets and working on a farm. Now, she’s seeking a lifelong career connecting people to their food, and what better place to do it than in the community she loves. Working at the CAA Market is a beautiful opportunity to combine the two things she loves most. Outside of work and class, you’ll usually find her romping around North Routt or enjoying a beer with her pals. Contact Katie at caamarket@communityagalliance.org


Lucas Morter


Born and raised outside of town in Steamboat Springs, Lucas was always surrounded by farms which sparked his interest in local agriculture. Starting at the age of ten, he participated in the local Routt county 4-H program which taught him a lot about how much time and effort goes into growing the food that you can buy at the grocery store. It also taught him about how much better it can be for you depending on what you feed your animals and how they are taken care of. Working at the CAA Market is a great way for Lucas to see old friends from 4-H while still being connected to the community through agriculture. Outside of working at the CAA Market you can find him skiing, floating down the river, and hanging out with his friends.