Mission Statement

To preserve the agricultural heritage of the Yampa Valley by initiating, supporting and encouraging actions, programs and policies that mutually benefit and connect agricultural producers and consumers.


Act today to ensure that the agricultural community can adapt to changes in the local and regional economy and be active and vital in the Yampa River Valley for generations to come.


  • A commitment and passion to agriculture is the core of our existence
  • The credibility of our organization is paramount
  • We treasure our heritage while adapting to the future
  • We honor diverse perspectives
  • Together we will achieve more

Strategic Anchors

  • Enhance and promote local agriculture (food, fiber, products and services)
  • Provide education about the critical importance of agriculture
  • Serve as an Ag Resource Connection

Ensuring the vitality and continuity of agriculture in the Yampa Valley is our primary focus.
Through actions and programs we lead Community to grow Agriculture and to create Alliance among individuals with shared passions and goals.


The Community Agriculture Alliance (CAA) is a Colorado incorporated, non-profit community organization serving Routt County and the Yampa River Valley. The CAA was established in 1999 to ensure that the agricultural community can adapt to changes in the local and regional economy and still be active and vital in the Yampa River Valley for generations to come.

The Yampa Valley is truly a unique place. We have a rich history of cattle and sheep ranching, dating from the 1870s, with many of the ranches still in continuing family ownership. We have a deep economic base of coal mining with a heritage of gold and silver mining. We are located in the heart of the Colorado Rockies and are blessed with abundant scenery and wildlife that provides a strong recreational economy. We are also home to the Steamboat Ski and Resort Corporation, an internationally acclaimed ski and snowboard area, which provides a strong resort and service economy. All segments of the area are dependent upon each other for economic survival because of soaring land prices, continual residential and commercial growth and the desire to maintain the rural way of life. The challenge is to intermingle all of the players in northwest Colorado to assure that the amenities that we so love will exist for generations to come.


Michele Meyer


Michele has worked at CAA since 2010 and assumed the Executive Director role in 2018. She brings over 15 years of professional fund raising and marketing experience to the CAA. Michele previously worked for United Way, Hospice of Larimer County and has her own business as a personal trainer/yoga instructor, she is also a part time ski instructor  With a diverse background, Michele comments, “I am honored to be a part of the Community Agriculture Alliance. I truly believe in the organizations’ mission of preserving, promoting and supporting agriculture.  One of the main reasons I moved here, and I think a very common one, is the scenic working landscapes and heritage of agriculture.  The natural beauty of the area and the scenic views that rural agriculture provide are critical to keeping the Yampa Valley so unique and special.  I truly believe the work CAA does is critical to the fabric of our community.”


Patrick Stanko


Patrick is a fourth-generation rancher on a local Yampa Valley ranch that has been in the family for more than 100 years. After a 20-year hiatus from the Valley, while gaining his Engineering degree and working in the business world, Patrick moved back to the ranch in 2013. Starting work for the CAA in 2018 Patrick is dedicated to the work of promoting agriculture in the Yampa Valley. As the Agriculture Resource Coordinator, Patrick will continue the water education programs and outreach for agriculture in the Yampa Valley.


Shirl Cox


Having volunteered for years, Shirl stepped up to become the CAA Program Coordinator in 2019.  Her dedication to supporting local food & agriculture stems from her upbringing on a Maryland farm eating crookneck squash, Silver Queen corn, tomatoes, and strawberries all grown outside her door. Primarily eating seafood and chicken, this was an early education in local food.  When she moved to Steamboat in 1994 and married the grandson of a White River rancher, it was time to adjust to new local foods.  Trading in seafood for beef, Silver Queen for Olathe, and now growing her own raspberries, she continues to champion locally grown food.   


2020 Board of Directors

Shiloh Whaley, Chair
Lore Marvin, Past Chair
Bill Badaracca, Treasurer
Mikinzie Taylor, Secretary
Greg Brown
Adele Carlson
Samantha Easley
Kent Sandstedt
Karla Trevithick
Craig Townsend
Joella West


2020 Board of Advisors

Shine Atha
Kyle Bond
Jia Carroll
Patrick Chrisman
Kristi Doran
Christina Gumbiner
Shania Gurr
Todd Hagenbuch
Doug Monger
Meredith Rose
Sarajane Snowden
Erik Taylor