Connecting the Yampa Valley through agriculture.

The mission of Community Agriculture Alliance is to preserve agriculture in the Yampa Valley by initiating and supporting programs and policies that benefit and connect producers, consumers, and the community.


Yampa Valley Foods

Shop local and support our valley’s producers. Our market is your one-stop shop for local meat, eggs, seasonal produce, and more.

Support and Leadership

From water outreach and education to microloans, we provide tools and support our farmers and ranchers need to thrive.

Community Engagement

Experience agriculture up close through our Farm and Ranch Tours or join us for Ag Appreciation Week and see why agriculture is the heart of our community.

A shepherd in a hat watches over a flock of sheep grazing in a lush green field with mountains in the background under a partly cloudy sky.

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Join Us in Rooting for Growth

Your involvement and support empower us to continue our work and expand our impact. Join our capital campaign with a contribution today and invest in our community. Together, we can ensure that agriculture remains at the heart of the Yampa Valley.


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Impact and Vision

As we look to the future, CAA is dedicated to preserving the agricultural heritage of the Yampa Valley while fostering innovation that addresses today’s challenges. Our work strengthens local economies, supports environmental sustainability, and enriches our community’s health and cultural vitality.


Q: What challenges does the Yampa Valley's agriculture face today?

A: Today, the agricultural community in the Yampa Valley faces challenges related to the integration of traditional farming with the growing tourist economy. Issues include land use conflicts, water rights management, and maintaining the rural lifestyle amidst continual residential and commercial growth.

Q: How do CAA programs impact the community?

A: Since 1999 CAA has worked to support and promote agriculture in the Yampa Valley.  Programs are focused in three core areas: Building a resilient local food system with the Yampa Valley Foods local food store bringing over $1.8 million in sales providing a direct economic impact for producers. Providing leadership and programs for agriculture producers with Microloans and project management for agriculture irrigation and infrastructure projects that provide river health benefits.  Connection to agriculture with authentic, meaningful experiences on Ranch Tours or Farm to Table dinners.

Q: Why protect agriculture in the Yampa Valley?

A: Agriculture in the Yampa Valley dates back to the late 1800’s, well before the region was known for recreation and tourism.  Our shared heritage of agriculture not only brings an authenticity to the community but the scenic working landscapes from family farms and ranches are loved by visitors and locals.

Q: Why support local foods?

A: There is a triple bottom line when you buy local food.  First is the direct economic benefit to the farmer or rancher, with 100% of sales prices going back to the producer at Yampa Valley Foods.  Second is the environmental impact with less food miles and regenerative agricultural practices.  And lastly, you as the consumer are able to enjoy fresh, delicious nutrient dense foods from the Valley.

Q: How does agriculture impact the environment?

A: In the Yampa Valley agriculture is predominantly small family owned and run farms and ranches.  They live on the land and have worked for generations to be the best stewards possible.  While regenerative agriculture and sustainable farming are newer terms, local agriculture has provided soil health benefits, late season return flows from flood irrigation to the Yampa River, natural habitat for wildlife, and plants and trees that clean our air.  

Q: How can I get involved?

A: CAA welcomes everyone to join us in our mission to support agriculture.  The easiest way is to shop at the Yampa Valley Foods store and support the program with your membership contribution.  If you’re interested in learning more about local ag, attend a Farm or Ranch Tour or dine at a Farm to Table event.  In late March, CAA annually hosts a variety of events around National Ag Day.  To learn more about volunteering (link to page) or donate to support CAA today.